Alex Price

Alex is a senior marketing and branding executive. He creates market-leading companies and products, builds strategic plans that challenge the status quo, and generates revenues that exceed forecasts and outpace the competition.

Alex created a bold marketing strategy for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that generated billions of dollars and won 200+ Game of the Year awards. Cited by Money Inc., as “One of the most successful games of all genres, on all platforms, of all time”

He also created a product roadmap for Company of Heroes 2 that will propel it to a brand worth hundreds-of-millions of dollars over the next eight years.

He also envigorated back-catalogue portfolio, generating 1,000% ROI and millions in incremental revenue.

He transformed 505 Games from the kids’ Nintendo market into the core gaming domain; directed the first multi-platform console release exceeding targets by 30%.