Angel Pui

Angel Pui is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 5 companies since the 7th grade. The first problem she solved—automating Street Fighter combos with a programmable joystick so as not to cause her thumbs any more blisters—was sold into giants like Logitech and Alienware as gaming hardware with help from her dad.

She has an affinity for solving complex and highly fragmented problems, and creating scalable connections through a data-driven approach. For the past 13 years, she focused on the pursuit of product market fit, scaling two- (and even three-sided) marketplaces disrupting the most fragmented physical worlds: weddings, luxury goods, the clinical trial system, and CPGs connecting offline to online and providing transparency.

Leveraging her design background paired with a data-driven approach, she’s both creative and analytical. She’s able to implement product-market fit and exponential growth strategy through product in an innovative and systematic way. Owing to the success and exit of her previous startups, she has become an advisor to Fortune 500 companies, and seed to Series A startups. You can find the roster of companies she’s working with on

She’s a proud mom of 2 cute little fashionistas. She collects Hermes Birkins and Chanel bags as a way to diversify her portfolio and has a following of over 7000 on her investment guides on Still an avid gamer, she’s currently down the rabbit-hole of all things Crypto and NFTs.


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