Erik Kiss

I started in the games industry in 1988. Since then, I worked on all aspects of video and computer game software design and architecture, from old 8-bit systems to the latest hardware. I’ve worked on teams of 5-100+ and led teams of engineers up to 40 or more, from small start-ups to enormous multinational conglomerates.

I have extensive experience in sports games, but have more recently been working on casual, social, and non-traditional gaming and entertainment, on the web, mobile devices and console. In 2007, I co-founded BigPark, a games company in Vancouver developing casual online games, which was eventually acquired in 2009 by Microsoft. While there I acted in many roles, including CTO, Technical Director and Head of Development for various games and entertainment experiences on multiple platforms and devices. I left Microsoft in July, 2012 and have been an independent contractor on several projects since then.

I’m currently interested in virtual and head mounted augmented reality, particularly in applications involving 3D video, games, medical imaging, and education. I’m also interested in contributing to the education and mentoring of young engineers and digital media entrepreneurs, with a particular interest in attracting more women and other under-represented groups into technology and software development fields.

Specialities: All technical aspects of video and computer game design; large-project software design; technical direction and technical consultation; mentoring of developers, managers and technical directors; live and on-demand video streaming; Microsoft technologies; Oculus Rift; HTC Vive; Microsoft HoloLens; Unity.