Ian Bell

I am fortunate to be in a career where I get to both visualize and work to create products and services that impact peoples’ daily lives — albeit in sometimes subtle ways. The teams I have led and worked with have changed consumer behaviour, generated Billions of dollars in enterprise value, and helped millions of people live better lives. While I might bring a broad understanding foresight to strategic and technical decisions, I’m always interested in being wrong — and the first and most aggressive questioner of my hypotheses is me.

I’ve experienced the exhilaration of runaway success and the drudgery of failure, and have learned as much from each. While I’m still improving, I share the lessons won so far in the form of a regular column for Canadian Business Magazine, and I publish infrequently on my blog at http://ianbell.com

Specialties: Marketing, Product Strategy, Business Plan Development, Branding and Identity, Integrated Marketing, Product Management, Business Development, and Corporate Development.