Justin Wong

Hi! I’m Justin. Graduated from UBC Cognitive Systems program with interest around machine learning, AI and user experience, and then started a couple companies in Vancouver.
Most recently, I was CTO and co-founder of Battlefy, a platform for esports tournaments. I was at my previous startup, Battlefy, for almost 12 years. We’re a esports platform company and I also worked at EA studio here, so I have a unique perspective into the gaming space. In the many years, I’ve done technology, product and people leadership. I think I can help share my experiences and challenges from going 0-1 and then scaling to almost 40 people.

My areas of passion are technology, product and people. Not necessarily in that order. 🙂

Strongest area: Entrepreneurship, Management, Product development & growth, Human resources & Hiring, Technical & code review, Design – UI/UX