Leigh Christie

Leigh Christie is an entrepreneur, an engineer and a community builder. Carrying a Bachelor’s in Engineering Physics from UBC and a Master’s in Art, Culture and Technology from MIT, he finds himself inventing things in his sleep and jotting down his ideas on paper when he awakes.

Some of his achievements include a 100% electric 8-legged walking machine that you can “drive” called the Mondo Spider, in addition to co-founding MistyWest with Josh Usher.

Expertise: Turn-key, full-stack hardware engineering for intelligent and connected devices. Focused on IoT, ML on the edge, computer vision, embedded Linux, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), custom camera hardware and software, custom sensor development, wireless protocols and related chipsets, battery packs and solving hard problems. I’m an engineering physicist and an entrepreneur.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leighchristie/