Mike Edwards

Mike has a wealth of experience in building and scaling consumer technology companies in private and public markets, including the following:

• co-founded AreaConnect.com, a consumer content company which was acquired by Marchex, a Nasdaq listed company, in 2008.

• invested in early stage consumer companies such as Punch’d (later acquired by Google), Wander (later acquired by Yahoo), Summify (later acquired by Twitter), BlueBat Games (later acquired by Novomatic Group, Retsly (later acquired by Zillow) and Password Box (later acquired by Intel).

* co-founded LX Ventures, a publicly listed consumer internet foundry that acquired and scaled Mobio Technologies.

• co-founded Growlab, a seed stage accelerator focussing on consumer facing digital product. Growlab later merged with Extreme Startups to create Canada’s Highline accelerator.

• co-founded Wyley Interactive, a mobile game engagement platform, which was acquired by Zynga, a Nasdaq listed company, in 2014.

• co-founded Creative Labs, a venture capital backed startup foundry that builds consumer technology companies by leveraging the Creative Artist Agency’s access to talent and audience.

• co-founded Argo Blockchain PLC, an enterprise-scale provider of cryptocurrency mining services that listed on the LSE.

• co-founded Leaf Mobile, a counter culture mobile game studio that listed on the TSX-V.