Peter Li

Peter founded ClearDent and worked tirelessly with his fellow co-founders and executives to help dental professionals understand how empowering the right technology can be, and what positive impact it has on patient experience and overall oral health care efficacy. Most importantly, technology enhances business efficiency and profitability.

As the National Sales and Marketing Director since the inception of ClearDent, he has developed and lead a successful sales team and a marketing team to bring ClearDent from a startup to now a market leader in Canadian Dental Industry. His responsibilities not only involved selling and promoting ClearDent but also conveying customer feedback to the solution team, ensuring their clients have a progressive software and service solution that will be a partner to their success for years to come.

His new role is the Chief Evangelist at ClearDent, and this role will allow him to be laser-focused on thought leadership, advocacy, and client engagement. With this new found capacity, he can be an even more proactive participant in Canadian dentistry – he will actively engage with dental professionals and convey why software technology is the critical component in dentistry’s success.