Sunny To

Sunny loves to work with people to solve problems and improve experiences for everyone. In his current role, he helps companies spec out product development plans for new revenue streams or modernizing old ones and then implement them.

He starts by doing a Discovery and build out a software development plan that has room for changes / new discovery along the way – it reduces risk and ensures you get delivered the final results you had hoped for. Let him figure out whether or not Latero Labs can help you.

In terms of software, he primarily specializes in Ruby on Rails and React (Web, iOS, and Android). Latero Labs was founded to build software products that align with customer needs and their natural usage touchpoints, whether it be other business users or consumers. They value the creation of high impact for the right type of investment. They work with a philosophy that it’s good to spend a small amount of resources to know 80% of what needs to be done, and investing in the right places along the way, rather than trying to spend a lot of resources to find out 100% of what needs to be done and discover it’s inaccurate.

Sunny loves to talk about technology, zen, processes, customizable products, cities & urbanization, ways of living, and more. Part of him is always in search for simpler, more manageable processes for almost anything.