Tarrnie Williams

27 years in games, building and inspiring teams to shape the AAA landscape. Deep belief that high performing organizations can only achieve lasting success if they are built on a foundation of trust, excellence, equality, and candor. CEO at Blueprint Reality Inc and VP Product at Kidoz Inc.

Passionate about innovation, creativity, storytelling, and bringing the joy of interactive to an ever widening audience.

Focus: Team Building and Organizational Growth

Passionate about building and growing high functioning, emotionally intelligent teams and organizations. Providing them the vision and support to go beyond what they felt was possible.

Creative and Business Leadership: Skilled at defining the right mix of innovation, compelling content, and market positioning that sets up a game for financial success.

Franchise and IP Management: Equally experienced at the creation of new IP as well as the management and expansion of existing franchises. Have created award winning games across almost all genres and every distribution platform.

Production Leadership and Studio Management: Experienced with all aspects of internal and external production, operations and publishing at every level in an organization.