Will Richman

Will Richman is the co-founder and CEO of GrowthGenius where they help connect their clients with more of their target customer profile. Prior to founding GrowthGenius, Will worked as an analyst at Ventures North Financial Group LP and as a performance measurement associate at BNY Mellon. Will’s experience in the financial sector led him to found Bitmaker, which was acquired by General Assembly in 2018.

Will Richman is a graduate of Ivey Business School at Western University, where they earned their Honors Business Administration (with Distinction) in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Will is passionate about all things startups, but also advising, investing, and building wonderful internet businesses.

Strongest areas in which I can help as a Captain: Growth & Business Strategy; Entrepreneurship; Management; Funding & Capital; Product development & growth; Sales & business development; Marketing.

Talks about #b2b, #saas, #sales, and #startupsforgood