Community Highlights – May 2022

Samson Li

In this blog, you will find conversations, links, tools, and other resources that were shared in the Launch Academy Slack server during the month of May 2022. In no particular order, enjoy! – Samson

BigFish, a cyber security company from Thailand, shares their thoughts

Some discussion about payments in Canada

YC’s advice about the near feature

Other links, tools, and resources shared this month

Here are the links from Max Menke’s workshop today:
– Email: [email protected]
– LinkedIn:
– A VC Mini-Course for Founders

Vancouver Tech Journal Event Calendar

OpenVC | All VC firms by thesis. Radically free and open.

Everything You Need to Know to Get SOC2 Compliance for Your Startup

Launch is on Reddit!
Launch is officially on Reddit as u/AskLaunch. We would love to have you join our community r/StartupVisaCanada and share your experiences or resources on the Canadian Startup Visa Program for fellow entrepreneurs and startups who might be looking for information.